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  • Maximum Value Creation


    For nearly 30 years, in 40 countries, ReMark’s Alternative Distribution expertise has helped the world’s leading banks, insurers and affinity organisations to Acquire, Grow and Retain more valuable customers.

    We can do the same for you.

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    Partner with ReMark
    Whether you’re new to Alternative Distribution – or want to execute your strategy more effectively – ReMark can help ... more

  • The right message


    Our proprietary database analytics give you unparalleled insight into your customers’ behaviour, and we build that insight into every marketing message.

    Here’s how one large US bank increased response rates by 25% and improved persistency by 50%.

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    Insight, engagement, response
    More customer insight means better engagement and higher response ... more

  • The right channel


    Mail, Mobile, Phone, Web, Social Media? In a multi-channel world, our expertise puts you where customers prefer to buy.

    Find out how a better channel strategy led to a twenty-fold increase in response for a leading insurer.

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    Channel Optimisation
    We help you choose the channels that give you maximum access to your customers ... more

  • The right product


    Our expertise in product design, testing, pricing and integration is constantly refined by the dozens of new products
    we launch every year.

    How product testing improved results on a 3 million mailing for a leading Chinese bank.

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    Product Design
    Our flexible product
    innovation covers
    everything from design
    and testing to billing
    and fulfillment ... more

  • The right time


    You get maximum value from your customer if you engage when they’re ready to buy.

    Our proprietary data tools helped one Colombian bank time their activity so successfully that the conversion rate and sales per hour rose nearly 100%.

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    Maybe you already have the solution?
    Are the answers you need locked inside your database? Our analytics
    unlock them ... more